How Retirement Assistance Helps You Plan a Secure Future
September 12, 2021 at 11:00 PM
A retired couple watches Alta Lake in Whistler, Canada

It’s not just you who’s concerned about what the future holds after retirement. Many Americans are in the same boat. With a greater reliance on defined-contribution funds such as 401(k)s and fewer companies offering employer-provided pensions, it now falls on individuals to plan their own retirement.

Even so, the right informed steps make later-life financial security as possible today as it’s ever been. And there are qualified people available to help.

Take a moment with us to explore what retirement assistance can achieve for you. If you choose to work with retirement planning experts, here are the steps you’ll be covering.

Figuring out the timeframe

The time you have between now and your retirement determines various aspects of your retirement. If there are only a few years until then, your financial advisor will likely advise a lower-risk portfolio. It will comprise securities such as bonds, which are generally more conservative and more apt for preserving purchasing power.

If you’re younger, perhaps with more than 30 years until retirement, a diverse portfolio with a major focus on less risk-averse securities such as stocks might suit you best. These have historically outperformed more conservative estimates in the long term.

Remember that even with limited time, there can be vast potential to improve your comfort in the years to follow. And the earlier you start, the better.

Determining your spending needs after retirement

Your retirement plan will also account for your liquidity needs.

It’s tempting to assume you’ll automatically spend less in retirement, but don’t take that as fact. Without having to spend eight or so hours a day at work, you might pick up habits to fill up the time. And it’s quite common for recent retirees to devote significant time to going through bucket list items, meaning more expenses.

It’s advisable to plan as if your spending requirements will only change slightly. And that’s more so the case if you’re yet to pay off the mortgage and the kids are still in college. It’s also prudent to prepare for medical emergencies that may crop up with age.

Devising a portfolio

The two most vital considerations for your portfolio are your ROI objectives and your risk tolerance. When you seek retirement assistance, your financial advisor pays significant attention to balancing the two.

As mentioned earlier, how much time you have left determines the risks you can reasonably take.

If you have a few decades before you need to start cashing out, you can afford to watch a relatively high-risk portfolio fall and rise in value as the market fluctuates. Indeed, this is more advisable than a reactive approach that over-adjusts because of daily market noise.

Still, a healthy portfolio that can meet your goals while retaining purchasing power should contain a comfortable mix of both. Beyond that, your financial advisor works with you to minimize the tax obligations your portfolio will incur and retain more of its value.

Planning your estate

As you not only establish a secure future but grow your assets with your portfolio, you’ll naturally find yourself wanting to exercise your rightful control over their allocation following your passing.

Finding help with your retirement will help you take care of the technical and legal aspects. In this way, you’ll ensure a comfortable life both for yourself and your future. And buying secured life insurance can strengthen your portfolio while also helping you achieve that aim.

Are you ready to find retirement assistance and look to the future with optimism?

Retirement planning has gotten a lot more complex and people are increasingly turning to experts for help. If you want more confidence in your future as you grow older, we encourage you to consider taking the same route.

We’d like to refer you to OWLFI, whom we are proud to say have consistently done right by our readers and our trust in their services. Do visit their website and give them a call to learn more about the aspects of retirement planning cited above and others that are critical for your future.

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