How to find qualified retirement plan advisors
February 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How to find qualified retirement plan advisors

It’s said that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. There is no true sentiment when it comes to retirement. While many people want to retire comfortably, not all of them are willing to take the steps necessary to plan ahead. If you’d like to retire and enjoy your golden years free of the responsibility of work, our team at Help You Retire recommends working with qualified retirement plan advisors. While it’s easy to find and work with any financial advisor, it’s essential that you work with somebody who understands what you need. So, we’ve put assembled a few things you should do when searching for a retirement advisor.

Ask about experience

Plenty of financial advisors will have a swath of experience helping people get their finances in order. Whether they’re working on getting out of debt, building a college fund for their kids, or otherwise, ask a potential financial advisor if they have experience working with retirement planning. If not, it’s best if you look elsewhere to find a retirement expert. You need somebody who understands what it takes to contribute to retirement savings accounts, the tax implications that come with them, and how you can plan for a comfortable future without working.

Ask about expertise

It’s not uncommon for a financial advisor to specialize in a specific area. Look specifically for an advisor whose expertise is retirement planning. You need someone who knows what it takes to protect your finances now and well into the future. Additionally, your advisor should know how much you need to contribute to your savings plans each paycheck to be able to have the funds you need when retirement rolls around.

Ask about philosophy

Not every financial advisor is going to have a philosophy with building your wealth that you’re comfortable with. Some will be more aggressive at saving and investing your money, while others will take a more conservative approach. Talk with a retirement plan advisor about their approach to building your retirement fund before you start working with them. While saving for retirement isn’t always comfortable, you should feel good about the approach you’re going to take and how it affects your daily life now.

Ask about fees

Your financial advisor’s job is to help you plan for your future and be more financially stable. They’re going to know exactly what you make each year and what you can afford. However, some will charge more fees than others. Speak with your financial advisor regarding their fees and decide whether you think you’re getting a fair rate or not. Feel free to speak with multiple advisors before you make a final decision, so you can compare rates, philosophies, and experience.

Ask your friends

You probably have friends who are planning for retirement as well. They’re likely working with their own financial advisors or have in the past. Speak with those you trust and find out who they’re consulting for financial advice to plan for their retirement. Find out what they do or don’t like about their advisor and others they’ve worked with in the past. Your friends or neighbors can help provide you with advice regarding qualified retirement plan advisors if you ask.

Ask us

At Help You Retire, we strive to stick to our name and want to do everything we can to provide you with information that will help you retire. We work closely with retirement planning experts and want to make sure you’re getting the best advice possible to prepare for your years after work. Our team recommends speaking with the retirement experts at OWLFI.

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