How to tell if retirement news is reliable
June 16, 2021 at 7:00 AM
How to tell if retirement news is reliable

The internet is a great big place and it’s easy for anybody who wants to start a website. Because of this, there’s a lot of bad information floating around on websites and blogs. It’s important that you take an informed approach any time you’re looking for retirement news. We want to make sure that you not only know where to find reliable sources for news but also be aware when you’re reading something that could be providing false news. So, we have four tips that can help to make sure you’re not being tricked by bad information.

Be aware of the source

Any time you’re reading from a website that might be considered news, you should be aware of the site’s history and reputation. Many satirical websites have mastered the art of sewing snark deep into articles that are fitting with current events and many readers have been tricked by this approach to comedic writing. If you have any reservations about an article you’re reading, don’t hesitate to read other articles, not the site to get more familiar with its overall tone.

Anybody can push an article out on the internet and have it show up in the top search results. Furthermore, any author or blogger can pay to have their content featured on another website either in the form of an ad or a link. This makes it easy for bloggers or authors to drive more traffic to their featured content.

Try to understand the author’s perspective

Every author has their own experiences from which they draw their perspective. While many will try to stay neutral in their writing in some respect, others will allow their biases to come through. If there’s ever a moment you feel that you’re being misled or given questionable information, find out more about the author.

Many websites and blogs will provide a short bio about the author. If there isn’t a bio or not enough information is provided to gain context, do a Google search. You can often easily find useful information about the author of an article by searching their name. This will help you understand where they’re coming from when they make certain claims as well as their credibility.

Know the date of publication

Old retirement news is like yesterday’s news. It’s nice to have but likely not relevant. Before you start reading an article, check the date of publication. You can save yourself loads of time by seeing that the article or blog post is five years old rather than the latest information. Are there some pieces of retirement news that are evergreen and remain relevant for years? Yes, but it’s best to get your information from current sources.

Look for spelling and grammar errors

Reliable sources will have strong editors who painstakingly read through articles to check for spelling and grammatical issues. Yes, there might be typos in articles that you read from the most reputable news outlets, but they’re few and far between. If you notice that the writing is sloppy or there are spelling errors, this can be a major red flag that you’re not reading from a reliable source.

Combat bad information with great advice

You don’t have to rely on finding reliable retirement news on your own to plan your future. You can get great advice from the team at OWLFI. Get in touch today and schedule an appointment with any of their retirement experts in your area. They can help you build a retirement plan that’s based on current financial trends and laws.

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