6 retirement information websites to help you plan for the future
June 29, 2020 at 7:00 AM
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Navigating your plan for retirement takes some time and effort on your part, and isn’t always a clear and straightforward task.

Thankfully, many companies have realized how difficult this process can be for retirees, so they’ve created dozens of resources to help you on your journey.

With a little bit of education and a lot of help from the following sites, you’ll find that planning for retirement isn’t as difficult as you originally thought. Keep reading for some of the most important retirement information websites to visit before you start.

6 useful websites to visit while you plan for retirement

The Social Security Administration website

Thanks to the advent of the internet, many of the resources you’ll need to plan for your retirement are online. This includes everything you need to manage your Social Security account.

Visit the agency’s official website to sign up for Social Security benefits, view your statements, and even get customized estimates of how much money you’ll receive if you sign up at different times. You can even sign up for Medicare benefits online here. No more long lines, and no more wasted time.


Visit the official Medicare website to learn more about the different plans available to you in your area, as well as the costs and coverage of each one. You can also sign up for a new plan, change your current plan, and file any claims or appeals directly on the site.

And if the process is a bit confusing, look to their resources and forms for assistance on finding healthcare providers, protecting yourself from identity theft, and more.


As the largest nonprofit organization for Americans who are 50 years of age and older, AARP currently serves over 38 million members. That alone should tell you how valuable this organization is in helping the elderly and those planning for retirement.

Their huge library of resources is certainly one to brag about too. In addition to information on Social Security and Medicare, they also cover topics like health and wellness, career opportunities, family caregiving, and even discounts and benefits you can take advantage of.


NerdWallet is a great resource to reference if you’re new to financial planning, and even if you’re a seasoned veteran at it.

Their team of expert financial writers cover everything from credit repair to different investing options, and their extensive articles break everything down into easy-to-understand concepts.

Best of all, they offer a wealth of resources to help you compare different financial options. Looking for a credit card with unparalleled travel benefits? Want to compare different life insurance policies? NerdWallet helps you with that and much, much more.


For the latest in stocks and investing, look to Kiplinger. Although the company originally started as a personal finance magazine, the digital publication aspect covers everything you need to boost your portfolio.

From retirement and wealth creation basics to the latest recommended stocks to invest in, this site is one you’ll want to bookmark if you plan on managing your investments on your own.


But if you’d rather not plan for your retirement by yourself, OWLFI can provide you with the expert financial planning you need. They’ll help you create a retirement plan based on your needs and goals, and then execute it for you faithfully.

Consider their team as your personal CFO as you save for the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

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If you have any other questions, or if there’s a retirement information website you think we missed, we’re all ears! Send us an email with your inquiry or additional information to info@helpyouretire.com.

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