How retirement investment advisors can transform your later years
February 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How retirement investment advisors can transform your later years

Planning for retirement is no small task. You’re trying to save as much money as you can while continuing to live your everyday life. Working with retirement investment advisors can help you make the best investments for your future. At Help You Retire, we want to make sure you’re planning ahead. To help you get started, we have some ways your advisor can help transform your finances for your later years.

Formulate a savings plan

Saving doesn’t always come easily to everyone. Sometimes, we have money burning a hole in our pockets, and we want to go buy all the fun things. However, you should never sacrifice what you want most for what you want now. So, putting money into your 401(k) or an IRA is going to be a much better investment than buying a boat. Yes, you’ll have plenty of fun weekends out on the lake, but you could be sacrificing financial security when you’re retired.

Set reasonable goals

It’s easy to look at setting goals for retirement and say that you want to live off of $150,000 a year so you can travel the world or play golf every day. Although, you need to understand what it will take to get there. Your retirement income is entirely dependent on your current income. If you’re not making enough now to be able to do those things, there’s a good chance you won’t have enough saved to do them when you retire. Work with your investment advisor to set reasonable goals that can help to maximize your retirement fund.

Find ways to achieve your goals

Once you’ve set goals, you need to identify ways to achieve them. What do you need to be doing with your money today to ensure that it grows to the amount you want to have? A retirement investment advisor will provide you with places you can put your money to help it grow based on previous returns, interest rates, and market projections.

Provide investment advice

Not all investments are good ones. You might find high-risk, high-reward investment opportunities that you feel like you can’t pass up. Your advisor can help you create a risk assessment of the investment to provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision. What’s more, your advisor often has access to more opportunities that can grow your money in a safer environment without sacrificing too many losses.

Assist with setting your retirement number

Everybody has a number they need their retirement accounts to reach before they can comfortably retire from work. Your investment advisor will help you set that number, so you know when you’re ready. Additionally, they’ll know what you need to do with investing to try to reach your goal when you want to retire. For instance, if you want to retire before 65, you’re likely going to have to take a relatively aggressive approach to investing. A retirement investment advisor will arm you with information that will help with your decisions.

Know where to get help

One reason working with retirement investment advisors is important is because you’re working with someone who understands where your trying to be. You can get help along the way that’s encouraging and honest, all at the same time. We recommend working with the experts at OWLFI when trying to plan for retirement. Their team is experienced in investing and will make sure you have the money you need for the life you want to live during retirement.

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