Retirement planning in Kansas City: what are the top 3 cities for retirement
July 22, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Retirement planning in Kansas City: what are the top 3 cities for retirement

When it comes to retirement planning in Kansas City, it’s not uncommon to want to find a place to settle down that’s more suited to the lifestyle that you want to live during retirement or more conducive to your budget. Certain places around the country are more appealing to retirees than others. While Kansas City is an excellent place to live, our team at Help You Retire put together a guide with what are considered the top three cities for retirement.

What to consider

Before we get too deep into the cities that are best for retirement, let’s first outline some requirements for what makes a great place to retire. Keep in mind that when you’re retired you’re going to be living on a limited income each month. You’re not working, so you’re going to be living off your savings. Consider the median monthly rent or mortgage cost because you’re going to want to find a place to live that’s affordable. Additionally, take into account the population size and the number of residents who are over the age of 60. You’ll want to be able to socialize with those who you consider your peers rather than feel like you’re on an island.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Port St. Lucie is situated on the eastern coast of Florida. It’s considerably north of the Miami area, which makes for a quieter community than those near South Beach. While this area is considered an incredibly high risk for hurricanes, it’s a delightful area the rest of the year as the average yearly temperature stays around 80 degrees.

You’ll find mortgage and rental rates are affordable in this part of Florida as medians are below $1,500 and $1,150, respectively. With a total population of less than 500,000, Port St. Lucie has a small-town feel and an over 60 population of about 33%.

Fort Myers, FL

Located toward the southern part of the peninsula and slightly inland from the Gulf Coast, Fort Myers provides residents with plenty of protection from hurricane weather while being able to enjoy the benefits of a beach nearby.

In addition to the excellent geographic location, there’s a large population of residents over the age of 60 with 35% of the 715,000-plus population fitting into the demographic. Of the three cities on this list, it also offers the lowest median mortgage and rental rates. This is likely because it is the city that’s the farthest inland of the choices.

Sarasota, FL

There’s a reason many seniors decide to move to Florida during retirement. With affordable homes and rent as well as beautiful year-round weather, it’s tough to beat. Sarasota is located on the Gulf Coast of Florida across Tampa Bay from St. Petersburg.

Of the three cities on this list, Sarasota has the highest population of residents over the age of 60 by a long shot as 39% of the 785,000 population fall into this group.

Mortgage and rental rates are higher in Sarasota compared to the other choices on this list, but it’s also a bigger city so there are more amenities immediately available.

Get help with retirement planning

Whether you’re planning on staying put where you are or venturing off to one of the top retirement cities in the nation, OWLFI can help with your retirement planning in Kansas City. Reach out to their team of professionals to learn more about the pros and cons of relocation during retirement.

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